Hemil Desai

Stuff related to Computer Science (mostly!)

Bio and Interests


I’m a Master’s student in Computer Science at the University of California, Los Angeles.

I grew up in Surat, India. After completing my high school, I pursued a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Purdue Unviersity, graduating in December 2016. I went on to work as a Software Engineer at Braintree, helping build backend systems. Next, I worked as a Platform Engineer at a startup called Roam Analytics, where I helped build a robust platform for Machine Learning experiments and applications on Kubernetes.

In Fall 2021, I’ll be taking courses in Big Data Systems and Networking and also looking for my next future opportunity. Please reach out at [email protected] if you want to connect.

My present interests include Distributed Systems, Large Scale Machine Learning, Big Data Systems and Intelligent Infrastructure.

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